Cory & Erika Carmack

Corry & Erika's wedding was my first wedding film ever! When Ericka asked me if I would film their wedding I was so excited and worried at the same time. I had no camera gear other then my phone. Corey and I grew up together as kids making skate videos etc.. So I had to do some research on an affordable camera fast. I've never filmed a wedding before then and to be honest I wasn't really sure how. So I watched hours of Youtube videos and reading blogs until I had a baseline. I went to Bestbuy and bought my first semi-professional camera on Valentines Day in Huntsville, Alabama.

The camera of choice for me was the Sony A6000   but when I got to Bestbuy my better half Emma talked me into upgrading to a higher model. So I ended up purchasing a Sony A6300 kit for the wedding because of all of the cool extra features like 4k and 120fps slow-mo HD. Well turns out I loved it and I'm so grateful that Emma talked me into purchasing it. I went to Walmart and on Amazon purchased so many accessories like microphones, SD cards, Mono Pods etc.. I thought I had everything I needed but...

I'm very OCD about stuff so I thought I needed more viewing angles for the wedding. So one of my best friends let me borrow his camera ( which was a Sony A6000) with his camera I needed at least one more view for the aisle. So I called up my local Visual and Audio Production rental company which was Sutherland Sight & Sound and I rented one more camera from them. I'm not sure what the model was for it but I know it wasn't 4k like my other one.

All of that  being said I'm writting this blog post almost 2 years after that wedding and I can't remember much other then that I filmed EVERYTHING. I mean I filmed every second of the day, no matter what the bridal party was doing. I dumped like 5 64gb cards and filmed for like 12 hours.. It was crazy but I'm blessed because it was a great learning experience and it sparked my passion for film making again and especially for wedding videography.

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